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Are you pregnant and considering abortion near Willmar, Minnesota? Hope Pregnancy Center understands the difficulty of facing an unexpected pregnancy and we’re here to help with no-cost and confidential services.

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Abortion Procedures

Disclaimer: Hope Pregnancy Center does not perform nor refer for abortions.


  • It’s called RU-486 and was approved by the FDA in 2000; it is also called a medical or chemical abortion.
  • The pill is actually two drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol, taken in two separate doses.
  • It is not an option for people with certain medical conditions.
  • The pill is not the same as the emergency contraceptive, The Morning After Pill or Plan B One Step.
  • Abortion pill reversal is possible if action is taken after the first dose.


Vacuum Aspiration/Suction Currettage3,4 – Up through 13 weeks LMP. Most early surgical terminations are performed using this method. Local anesthesia is typically used to reduce pain. The abortion involves opening the cervix, passing a tube inside the uterus, and attaching it to suction device which pulls the embryo out.

Dilation and Evacuation (D&E)5,6 – 14 weeks LMP and up. Most second trimester terminations are performed using this method. Local anesthesia, oral, or intravenous pain medications and sedation are commonly used. General anesthesia may be used, if available. Besides the need to open the cervix much wider, the main difference between this procedure and a first trimester abortion is the use of forceps to grasp fetal parts and remove the baby in pieces. D&E is associated with a much higher risk of complications compared to a first trimester surgical abortion.

D&E After Viability7-9 – 21 weeks LMP and up. This procedure typically takes 2–3 days and is associated with increased risk to the life and health of the mother. General anesthesia is usually recommended, if available. Drugs may be injected into the fetus or the amniotic fluid to stop the baby’s heart before starting the procedure. The cervix is opened wide, the amniotic sac is broken, and forceps are used to dismember the fetus. The “Intact D&E” pulls the fetus out legs first, then crushes the skull in order to remove the fetus in one piece.

The Emotional Side of Abortion

Some women report a range of emotions after an abortion. This can include:

  • Depression
  • Thoughts of Suicide
  • Feelings of Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Lowered Self-Esteem
  • Regret
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Avoidance of Emotional Attachment
  • Flashbacks
  • Substance Abuse

For some women, these emotions may appear immediately after an abortion or gradually over a longer period of time.

Talking with someone before you make a decision to have an abortion is very important. If family help and support are not available to you, talking with a spiritual or professional counselor before having an abortion can help you better understand your decision. At Hope Pregnancy Center, our advocates are available to listen and talk with you.

Our center offers evidence-based information about all pregnancy options. Hope Pregnancy Center does not offer abortion services or referrals.

If you’re not thinking about abortion, we would love to walk with you through pregnancy and parenting as well. See your options.

Why is an ultrasound important before abortion?

Confirm pregnancy with an ultrasound before an abortion. Call (320) 235-7619 to schedule a no-cost ultrasound in Willmar, MN.


Pregnancy tests are not always conclusive. Pregnancy tests respond to a hormone released by a pregnant woman’s body called HCG. Although your HCG levels may be elevated, your pregnancy might not be viable, as about 10-20% of all pregnancies end in natural miscarriage10. Ultrasound is the most reliable method of detecting pregnancy viability.


While we do not perform or refer for abortions, if you’re considering an abortion, the type and cost of the procedure you can receive is dependent on gestational age. An ultrasound exam will provide this information. We provide no-cost pregnancy testing and ultrasound in Willmar, Minnesota to confirm and date pregnancy. Eligibility is required.

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